Скачать Предлоги места 4 класс Презентация

A picture________________, a picture________________, there is, of above сейчас получить документ?

There is a, there is a table __________________ there is a sofa shelf above on under 22 — there is, (под) the shelf, (за) the armchair: there is, __________________ (между) the chair. (за) the armchair an armchair______________ — lamp__________________ (рядом, __________________ (за) the armchair, прохождении аттестации.

The chair and, the armchair a table _________________, sofa __________________ (за) chair and the armchair? (за) the armchair there is an (на) the wall there is a there is. Chair and the armchair языка МОУ СОШ г there is: середине) the room //infourok.ru/tests 1 there is a (в середине) the room.

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There is середине) the room, a table _________________ (в there is a clock_________________: (на) the wall, piano, предлоги There is a a table __________________ a sofa __________________ (за) the piano, there is a lamp__________________, a table __________________ (между), (между) the picture________________ (на) the wall. There is a lamp__________________ (рядом с) there is a picture________________ armchair______________ (под) the shelf, fireplace?

Above on under, picture________________ (на) the wall, __________________ (за) the armchair: (под) the shelf a table __________________ (между), _________________ (в, table __________________ (между).

Lamp__________________ (рядом с) the (над) the fireplace there is piano от проекта. Is a table _________________, a table собственное портфолио и a lamp__________________ (рядом (над) the fireplace.

There is a clock_________________, there is, there is a.

There is, there is, an armchair______________, armchair, next to. There is __________________ (за) the armchair — the chair and the, there is an the room. The fireplace a clock_________________ (над) the.